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Managed Migrations

Our Remote Managed Migration Service takes the pain away of moving your legacy messaging system to Office 365!

Tap in to our team’s years of expertise in migrating mail and data from just about every platform, and let our migration experts help set-up and run your migration. We’ll perform the service remotely, ensuring the successful migration of your mailbox and file data to Office 365.

Service Outline

Our Migration Team follow a tried and tested process to ensure each managed migration runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations.

Initially our Migration Team will ask you to provide a few technical details:

* Admin account name/password for source and destination mail systems

* Confirmation of your Office365 tenancy

* Confirmed list of source mailboxes and files to be copied


We’ll confirm these and produce a simple project schedule:

* Verify access to source and destination mail systems

* Confirm cost and estimated completion time

* Create a project schedule for your approval


Our responsibilities during migration:

* Provision the Office365 accounts or use the ones you’ve already created

* Complete bulk migration of the history and files, in the background with zero user impact

* Agree a cut over date with you and complete delta migration of any recent mailbox data for each user


Your responsibilities during migration:

* Administration of existing messaging system

* Local project management and liaison with individual users

* Switching MX records, and all client-side reconfiguration – i.e. Outlook Profiles


Normal lead-time to start is about two weeks from receipt of a signed project schedule. Completion will depend on the size of the data set and typically varies from one to several weeks.

Tell us what you have and when you want to start migrating, we’ll agree a project schedule with you and then work with you to deliver the best possible outcome. Register your interest in a managed migration using the enquiry form below.