people migrated to the cloud with our tool

Perform your own migration in 5 easy steps.

Migrate your files, email, contacts, calendars and tasks to the Office365 Cloud – all from within your web browser.


Complete your whole migration within any web browser, with no complicated install required.


Unparalleled success with over 7 million people already securely migrated to the cloud. No data loss, no down time.

Cost Effective

CloudMigrator licenses are provided on an all inclusive fixed price basis with unlimited data.

5 Reasons you should use CloudMigrator Go

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CloudMigrator Go For Partners

CloudMigrator Go can be licensed so that you can allow your customers to complete their own migration by purchasing access to CloudMigrator Go directly through you.

Our partners also benefit from having the ability to white-label CloudMigrator Go, so that the tool uses your own colour scheme and branding giving you ownership of the customer journey.

 Why should you sell CloudMigrator Go?

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